Nanosonics and Philips Ultrasound joint webinar

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Nanosonics and Philips Ultrasound were excited to jointly present this highly informative and educational webcast. Experts in the field of infection prevention, Robert DeJong and Prof Craig Meyers, shared their knowledge on the importance of infection control in ultrasound, and provided practical guidance in reducing HPV transmission risk from ultrasound procedures.


  • Describe the diverse applications of sonography and associated risk of infection.
  • Determine the proper procedures for ultrasound probe disinfection.
  • Establish procedures that will ensure patient safety and meet accreditation requirements.
  • Understand the risks and dangers of HPV infection.
  • Describe the evidence for the risk of HPV transmission from ultrasound probes.
  • Understand the efficacy of hospital disinfectants against HPV.
  • Describe the regulatory criteria to claim efficacy against HPV.

Robert DeJong

RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FSDMS, FAIUM, Sonography Education

The importance of infection
control in ultrasound

Speaker's Bio

Prof Craig Meyers

Distinguished Professor of
Microbiology and Immunology at Penn State College of Medicine

Breaking ground in HPV disinfection: reducing HPV transmission risk from ultrasound procedures

Speaker's Bio

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