John Corbett

John Corbett | Director of Service Operations – North America

North America Employee #1

As employee #1 for Nanosonics in North America, John Corbett believed from the beginning that the trophon® device had exponential possibilities to impact infection prevention practices in the US, and globally. “I joined Nanosonics in May 2011, because I wanted to be part of a technological breakthrough. I knew the trophon device had the potential to be a major paradigm shift in the industry, particularly in the North America market.”

John’s role at the time, Program Manager included delivering the product training and education to anyone who would be interested – end users, infection preventionists, department managers, executives, and all of the exclusive distributor employees responsible for selling and servicing trophon devices and accessories throughout North America. As a key driver in the launch of the product in a new market, he quickly got up to speed, learning all he could about trophon technology and the disinfection processes in place at the time.

From Home Office to Growing Team

“Initially, I was one of only two representatives for the U.S. market, and was working out of my home-office (converted living room). As we quickly grew, we hired additional service technicians and relocated to 1,200 square-feet of mixed-use space, then a 10,000 square-foot facility only two years later to support the additional tasks of order fulfillment, shipment and back-to-depot service.”

In 2021, the facility size doubled to encompass 20,000 square-feet. It is filled with teams and infrastructure that support 5,000+ healthcare facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico and other outlying territories who trust Nanosonics for their ultrasound infection prevention. The team handles an impressive amount of shipping, and averages more than 500 trophon devices serviced per month. “I’m proud of the magnitude of growth we’ve achieved today. We’ve managed to overcome various challenges along the way, and I’m proud that our team has been able to deliver exceptional results from a sales, service and infection prevention perspective. I’m amazed by the number of patients and users we’ve protected.”

The People at the Center of the Mission

The opportunity to dramatically impact the infection prevention industry was what initially attracted him to the company, but as the current Director of Service Operations – North America, John says it’s the people that have kept him at Nanosonics. “I’m thankful for the people that I work with every day.  All of them.  The customers I get to speak with and all of the Nanosonics employees who share the same level of passion I have for our technology, products, processes, and our mission.”    

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2, which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

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