Virgilio Quiaem

Virgilio Quiaem | Technical Service Engineer

Nanosonics Core Values in Action

When Virgilio Quiaem started his career at Nanosonics in 2010 as a Test Technician, he understood that the trophon®  technology had the potential to make a global impact – but also that the company culture reflected the core values that were important to him. He’s currently a Technical Service Engineer, and with 11+ years under his belt with the company, he’s seen Nanosonics grow exponentially without losing the important connection to those core values:

(Innovation): “I joined Nanosonics, because I saw the opportunity to stretch and grow my talents and skills within the company. (Collaboration): As a Technical Service Engineer, I am proud to be part of the collective effort that delivers positive outcomes and solutions to customer’s difficult problems. I’m also surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues and management that support my purpose to excel in my role. (Agility): I am proud to witness how the company rises to challenges. (Discipline): Nanosonics has remained committed to its customers, by producing high-quality equipment and providing excellent service. The company also consistently surrounds its employees with genuine encouragement and nurturing, which I believe creates a strong bond between every single team and the company itself. I can see how this company values the professional contributions of its team members. (Will to Win): I’ve always had a far-stretching imagination when it comes to what this team is capable of. It’s exciting to be celebrating the milestone of more than 25,000 trophon units installed in North America! This represents a massive global impact, that will continue to grow.”

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2, which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

Keith Koby