trophon®2 Loaner Program

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Ultrasound is being relied upon heavily in the management and monitoring of COVID-19 patients, as well as being used across many healthcare disciplines and departments. Many hospitals may be experiencing the challenges that come with requiring additional dedicated equipment for isolation wards.

To help you ramp up your high level disinfection efforts, we are offering a special trophon2 loaner program.

This program enables you to obtain a trophon2 without tapping into your capital budget. trophon HLD devices can be provided for 3 months with no upfront cost.* After that timeframe, you can decide to rent, buy or return it. We will even cover the cost to ship it back if you choose to return it. The only costs for you are the related consumables and accessories that you use.

Infection prevention is more important than ever and having the tools to help with infection control is critical to patient and healthcare staff’s well-being.

Proper reprocessing of reusable medical devices helps prevent the risk of cross-contamination and this includes ultrasound probes. In fact, according to a TJC alert, 74% of all “immediate threats to life” were from improperly sterilized or high level disinfected equipment.1

Nanosonics is dedicated to infection prevention, for life. The trophon2 loaner program is one way of supporting your efforts in providing the best possible care during this challenging time and every day.

*While supplies last. Terms and conditions apply. Opt out must be communicated to Nanosonics within 60 days after start up and rental charges will apply after 3-month trail. Please speak with your local Nanosonics Account Manager for more information.


  1. The Joint Commission (TJC). Improperly sterilized or HLD equipment – a growing problem. May 2017. Available at: