Ascension Sacred Heart Health System

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Standardization and safety with the trophon®2 device

About the Facility

Ascension Sacred Heart Health System is a multi-campus healthcare organization in Pensacola, Florida. The hospital has used both trophon® EPR devices and trophon®2 devices since 2018 in OBGYN, and Radiology departments. Staff rotate through different departments depending on their shifts, so standardized processes are important across the system.

Standardization and safety

Art Schnitzer, Radiology Manager for Sacred Heart Health System, applied for the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway sweepstakes, citing traceability and improved workflow as the organization’s top priorities for infection control practices. When assessing the best department to place the newly acquired trophon2 device, they opted for an out-patient clinic that was still soaking their ultrasound probes.

“We are so thankful for our trophon2 device. We can be very busy at times and the trophon2 device is so much more efficient than the soaking method we used to reprocess ultrasound transducers for years.”
Cari McElreath
Lead sonographer


By implementing trophon2 for infection control, the healthcare system elevates patient care across multiple sites with automated, standardized processes. Staff can easily rotate between sites and still have consistency and efficiency in their workflows.