Mountain West Medical Center

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trophon®2 device speeds and automates workflow

About the Facility

Mountain West Medical Center is a small hospital, with just 44 beds, located in Tooele, Utah. The facility has 2 sonographers on staff, and 2 ultrasound rooms. It uses ultrasound for primarily transvaginal procedures, but also does a number of thyroid, biopsy and transrectal procedures. They have had a trophon® EPR device in the radiology department for several years, and use it daily.

Favorite Features

Sara Caless, Manager of Imaging Services, applied for a trophon2 device through the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway sweepstakes. As a current trophon EPR device customer, the hospital’s main priorities when looking at the trophon2 device model were automated documentation to avoid incomplete logs, and gaining the confidence of properly disinfected transducers which ensure patient safety.

“Things are great – we absolutely love the (trophon2) system. It speeds up the process - and definitely took away the human error portion of neglecting to document.”
Sara Caless
Manager of Imaging Services