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About Royal Inland Hospital

Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) is located in Kamloops, British Columbia. The hospital features emergency and trauma services, ambulatory and outpatient clinics and diagnostic services. It also recently opened a modern, new tower for obstetrics, surgery, rehab, mental health, substance abuse, and more.

Implementing new technology to aid workflow and patient care

As the Ultrasound Section Head, Lynn Stebner’s day to day role includes managing communication between sonographers, radiologists and department management, scheduling patients, performing ultrasound scans and serving as the product expert for equipment within the department.

“I’ve been at RIH for 8 years now. In that time, we’ve transitioned from reprocessing our probes with a chemical soak to implementing trophon technology – first with the trophon EPR device, and now with the trophon2. I love that we’ve been able to eliminate open chemicals! With a closed, automated system, I can hit the button, walk away and come back at the end of the cycle knowing it’s clean and ready for the next patient.”
Lynn Stebner
Section Head – Ultrasound, Royal Inland Hospital | Interior Health

RIH recently upgraded from first-generation trophon EPR devices to the new trophon2 units. Three devices are set up in the Ultrasound department’s probe room, where the ultrasound tech aid performs most of the probe reprocessing after ultrasound scans.

“We perform about 8-10 biopsies per day in Ultrasound, and Interventional Radiology has a similar number of cases. We probably use around 20 transvaginal probes per day, and all of those probes are reprocessed with the trophon devices. We also handle the high level disinfection of ultrasound for other departments, like emergency, labor and delivery, etc., so our trophon units get high volume usage. I like that the trophon2 device offers built-in traceability by recording lot number and expirations of chemical and indicators, as well as operator details. I’m able to track if something were to go wrong – I’d know who to talk to. Overall, the trophon2 device has great functionality, ease of use, and automation.”
Lynn Stebner
Section Head – Ultrasound, Royal Inland Hospital | Interior Health