Southwest Medical Center

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Additional trophon®2 device streamlines and speeds up workflow

About the Facility

Southwest Medical Center is a mid-sized healthcare facility that serves Liberal, Kansas and surrounding communities. The facility offers general surgery care, emergency room services, physical therapy, diagnostic imaging and OBGYN care.  Ultrasound is primarily used for transvaginal procedures.

Additional trophon®2 device streamlines and speeds up workflow

The facility purchased one trophon2 device in 2019, centrally kept in the Inpatient Radiology department – it served to reprocess ultrasound probes across the whole facility and multiple floors. When Infection Prevention RN Carmen Sumner saw the APIC promotion of the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway campaign, she was already familiar with the technology but understood the benefit to increasing trophon2 device assets to better utilize the facility’s staff time and resources.

"I received an email through my professional organization, even though I never win anything I thought it doesn't' hurt to try. I was shocked to receive the email that we had won. I was very excited for our facility because this will be a great addition for our Women's Specialty Center. It will help improve turnover times in patient care. It will take less time to provide the appropriate disinfection of equipment in between patients. I'm really excited that we were able to win.“
Carmen Sumner
Infection Prevention RN

They were excited to streamline the workflow with point of care infection control in the Women’s Specialty (OBGYN) center.

“It's going to save us a lot of time because we won't have to run up and down the stairs to another floor.  It's going to benefit the patients because it's going to reduce their wait time. Overall, It will enhance the patient experience.”
Nallely Hernandez
Procedure Tech for Women's Specialty Center of Liberal


By adding an additional trophon2 unit to their inventory, Southwest Medical Center can offer point of care infection control in the OBGYN center, saving time in their workflow and allowing staff to spend more time with patients. This has also decreased patient wait times and improved the overall patient experience.