trophon® Companion Wipes - the perfect partners to your high level disinfection (HLD) workflows

Effective October 2021, trophon® Companion Cleaning Wipes and trophon Companion Drying Wipes will be available for sale#.

An essential first step in the high level disinfection (HLD) reprocessing workflow, effective cleaning and drying of the ultrasound probe helps ensure removal of soil (blood, protein, micro-organisms and other debris) so that it does not interfere with the disinfection process.

Ready to use and multi-purpose, trophon Companion Wipes simplify the cleaning and drying steps in the reprocessing cycle to help promote efficient workflows and ultimately, improved patient care.

trophon Companion Cleaning Wipes provide cleaning and low level disinfection (LLD), specifically designed for ultrasound probes and other equipment at point -of-care. trophon Companion Drying Wipes simplify the before and after drying step in the reprocessing cycle to promote efficient workflows

Learn how trophon Companion Wipes can assist in your ultrasound infection prevention practices

trophon Companion Wipes refers to trophon Companion Cleaning Wipes and trophon Companion Drying Wipes product range.

# trophon Companion Cleaning Wipes are not yet available in the states of New York and California; please contact a Nanosonics representative to receive updates on product availability in these states.

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