Site Assessments

Help review your ultrasound probe reprocessing practices facility-wide against federal and national standards.

The Nanosonics Site Assessment is an electronic adaptation of the Infection Prevention Toolkit.1 This Toolkit was assembled in consultation with a team of clinical experts with backgrounds in infection prevention and instrument processing. The objective of the Toolkit is to provide healthcare workers with resources regarding infection prevention during the use and reprocessing of ultrasound probes. The Site Assessment extends the original benefit of the Toolkit through personal engagement with infection prevention experts.

A Site Assessment is administered by your local Clinical Applications Specialist who is a member of the Nanosonics Medical Affairs Team. The Medical Affairs team is focused on education and information exchange, all towards improved clinical compliance and best practices, alignment with federal guidelines and national standards, and improved patient care.

What to expect from a Site Assessment

The Site Assessment follows a scientific process of observing and gathering information reflective of current use and reprocessing practices for ultrasound probes in your facility, with special attention towards semi-critical and critical clinical procedures.

The assessment encompasses:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Storage
  • Traceability
  • and other associated factors that contribute to the overall ultrasound environment within your department(s).

It should be noted that during this process, pictures will be taken for analysis, but these pictures will not include any HIPAA sensitive information or identifiers.

The collected data is reviewed in light of recommendations set by Federal Guidelines (FDA, CDC)2-3, National Standards (AAMI)4 and The Joint Commission (TJC)5 and does not reflect the personal view of Nanosonics. Analysis of the sum of the collected data will be provided to you, inclusive of all supportive information. This report will offer you a comprehensive view of ultrasound environment(s) within your facility and provide a pathway forward to any corrective measures that may be needed. If alignment is increased, it is expected that this will improve readiness for accreditation surveys and enhance patient safety. Through this process, Nanosonics seeks to assist your facility in reaching its infection prevention goals.

Next Steps towards your Site Assessment

If you would like to proceed with a Site Assessment, please inquire via the button below.

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