Bear Lake Memorial & Nell J Redfield Memorial

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Bear Lake Memorial & Nell J Redfield Memorial

About the Facilities

Bear Lake Memorial is a very small rural hospital in Montpelier, Idaho. They had purchased a trophon® EPR in 2017, valuing the automation it brought to their reprocessing practices, over the chemical soaking.

Small Town Solutions, One Upgrade & One New Customer

The facility’s trophon EPR was still in good condition when Marty Farmer, Director of Radiology, applied for the IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway sweepstakes, excited to see the rollout of new features in trophon2.

When they were told they were winners, Bear Lake Memorial concluded the facility only had need for one trophon, and opted to transfer their trophon EPR unit to a nearby medical facility – the closest one being “just” 1.5 hours down the road, Nell J. Redfield Memorial.  The Nell Redfield team was thrilled to receive a trophon device. They had previously been soaking endocavitary probes and were not High Level Disinfecting surface probes.


Both facilities were excited to implement trophon technology. They set up accounts, purchased consumables and signed service agreements with Nanosonics. They also appreciated the dedication and personal attention from the Nanosonics team, and infection prevention experts, Haylee Crane and Trevor Roberts.

“We can’t believe we are winners of the trophon2 device prize package. Patient care and safety are high priorities at our facility. Knowing our transducers are disinfected with trophon2 gives us peace of mind that our patients are protected.”
Marty Farmer
Director of Radiology, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital