Ultrasound Modality Manager, Jefferson Radiology

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About Jefferson Radiology

As the largest radiology practice group in Connecticut, Jefferson Radiology operates nine imaging centers within the greater Hartford area, and has affiliations with nine regional hospitals. Jefferson Radiology’s specialties include women’s services, interventional radiology, neuroradiology, oncology and more. The practice has achieved the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal – a reflection of the team’s commitment to providing safe and high-quality healthcare.

Michelle Grant, the Ultrasound Modality Manager at Jefferson Radiology, embraces the practice’s values: Quality, Teamwork, Innovation, Compassion, and Integrity – all with an eye towards improving processes for both patients and staff. One of her recent priorities at Jefferson Radiology was to transition the facilities from reprocessing their ultrasound probes using manual soaking methods to automated high-level disinfection (HLD) with trophon technology.

Manual to Automated Workflow

“When looking at implementing trophon2 at our facilities, I involved quality and safety teams in the conversation, and then looked at the potential cost savings. For any investment, it’s important to show purpose and quality improvement opportunities – not just that we want something new and nice!”
Michelle Grant, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)
Ultrasound Modality Manager, Jefferson Radiology

Simplified, more efficient workflow

Previously, most ultrasound probes at the facilities were reprocessed with soaking chemicals. “It
could be very tedious… [ultrasound technologists] had to put on goggles, gowns, and perform a
number of manual steps to ensure probes were clean, disinfected and ready for use.”
Now, with trophon devices, the high-level disinfection is streamlined and automated. “In addition to
time saved during the HLD cycle, we’re also saving time before and after the reprocessing. We no
longer have to do a daily morning soaking chemical check, changing the rinse bottle daily, changing
the solution every three weeks, the filter every six months, etc. Because the entire process takes less
time, techs can spend more time focused on their patients.” Michelle estimates a 50%-time savings
since switching to trophon2 devices for reprocessing.

Probe compatibility

The trophon devices were initially purchased for reprocessing the transvaginal probes, but the team
was excited to see the extensive probe compatibility program, as Jefferson Radiology performs
ultrasound-guided biopsies and other semi-critical and critical procedures at their Farmington office.
“We have the same ultrasound machines at all our facilities, so I’m glad trophon devices are
compatible with our full fleet of probes.”

Standardization and training

Michelle oversees the staff training for ultrasound and probe reprocessing across all facilities. In
rolling out a new technology, standardization of processes in each location is critical to ensure
quality control. “With a trophon device, training and implementation is practically foolproof! The
screen prompts each step and techs are not left searching through a manual. We had all 34 of our
sonographers trained and certified on the device in record time. It will be a much smoother
experience during our annual hands-on competencies than when we did it manually.”

Reduced risk of human error

Eliminating the manual processes has saved time, simplified training, and also cut down on the
potential for human error. “The more manual steps there are, the more opportunities for mistake or
oversight. I am confident that after implementing an automated HLD cycle with a trophon device,
our probes and the handles are fully clean, keeping patients and staff safe.”

Workflow improvements in trophon2

Some of Michelle’s team had previously used trophon EPR devices and instantly noticed
improvements in the next generation trophon2 units. “The trophon2 has improved the workflow -
adjustable warm up times, and deferring purging option makes it so the techs aren’t waiting for the
device to be ready when they need it. The RFID technology is also great to quickly capture all cycle
and operator documentation.”

Improved User Satisfaction

“The staff and site managers are thrilled. One tech sent me a message and said it’s the best
improvement purchase, ever. trophon2 devices have made everyone’s life easier. The site managers
love the clean documentation with printed labels that are much easier to track.”


“Jefferson Radiology is always striving to acquire the most advanced technology to improve safety and quality for our team and patients. Converting the high-level disinfection (HLD) process from soaking to trophon2 technology helped to achieve this.”
Michelle Grant, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)
Ultrasound Modality Manager, Jefferson Radiology