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University of Kansas Health System

About the Facility

University of Kansas Health System is a large academic medical center with multiple campuses. It focuses on medical research and healthcare education with advanced treatments and technologies. The health system has been using trophon® EPR devices since 2017, and has been in the process of upgrading their inventory to new trophon®2 devices. They were one of the winners of the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway sweepstakes.

"Several of our users travel to other facilities, and they're all now wanting to get the trophon2 devices to replace the trophon EPR devices!"
Sylvia Ford
Infection Preventionist; The University of Kansas Health System

trophon® EPR to trophon®2 Device Upgrades

Some of the facility’s favorite features in the new model include RFID technology for traceability, and speed of reprocessing probes.

We love having the trophon2 device in our ultrasound rooms.  We do a high volume of transvaginal scans and procedures every day, and the speed and efficiency of the machine helps our workflow tremendously.  We are able to ensure that our probes are disinfected to the highest standards, and the reporting is seamless, because all of the data is printed on the sticker.  This gives sonographers and patients peace of mind that we are providing efficient and safe care to all of our patients, and utilizing the best technology available.
Lisa Linhart
Infection Preventionist; The University of Kansas Health System


As a large medical center, University of Kansas Health System values standardized and traceable documentation of their procedures across multiple departments. The trophon2 technology and upgrades allow for seamless integration and reporting. The staff are familiar with and prefer the new interfaces, giving them better flexibility to take shifts in different departments.

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