Leveraging digitization in ultrasound infection prevention to empower staff and organizations

With ultrasound used in almost every healthcare department, implementing policy into practice requires purpose built tools to support organizations and their people. Novel automated and digitized technologies can empower staff to own their ultrasound infection prevention (IP) practices on the frontline, supporting quality patient care.

Nanosonics is proud to partner with Becker’s Healthcare today to explore recent developments in ultrasound IP. With the TJC reporting ultrasound IP compliance gaps, and a call to action from the CDC and FDA to review reprocessing following a multistate gel outbreak, the time is now to critically review ultrasound IP practices.

Nanosonics strives to create tools and solutions that make IP compliance easier for frontline staff and organizations. The new Nanosonics AuditPro leverages digitized traceability and education to help facilities standardize ultrasound infection control compliance across all ultrasound procedures and settings:

"I like that [AuditPro includes] the Spaulding classification on the MSD, it educates the sonographer, makes them critically think. I really like that part of it."
AuditPro usability study. Nanosonics Ltd.

Spotlight on non-critical device disinfection echoes TJC ultrasound findings