Nanosonics now has over 1000 probes compatible with trophon®

In close collaboration with ultrasound probe manufacturers Nanosonics has confirmed and added new ultrasound probes to the growing compatibility list from the rigorous program run at headquarters.

The ongoing program continues to test more probes as they enter the market for use in healthcare facilities worldwide. The rigorous 10-step program, run in partnership with ultrasound probe manufacturers, who provide a final approval letter to confirm the probes are compatible for disinfection in trophon devices.

Ultrasound probes, including endocavitary and surface probes, are delicate devices used in increasing applications across healthcare. Ultrasound has many advantages over other imaging modalities, including use at the patient’s bedside, providing actionable information in real time, and use by various professionals. This versatility has resulted in continued developments in the technology, with many new probes now available in the market. This raises the need to continuously test new probes to ensure they are compatible for disinfection within trophon devices.

The ongoing and industry-leading program begins with a mutual agreement on the test methods by Nanosonics and the ultrasound probe manufacturer. The testing is then performed on the ultrasound probe in question, which can be exposed up to 18,000 cycles in the trophon device. Daily inspections on the integrity of the probe are summarized in a report provided to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then gives the final tick of approval after completing their testing. This conclusion is drawn from whether the probe continues to meet the functional specifications after all the testing.

The program, providing customers with ‘compatibility you can trust’ involves 25 ultrasound probe manufacturers, who have approved over 1,000 ultrasound probes for use with trophon.

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* The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2 which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

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