Traceability: what, why and how?

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Traceability is an essential part of reusable medical device infection prevention, including ultrasound probes

 “Having one standardized method to complete traceability that links the ultrasound probe that has been high-level disinfected to the patient is best practice in a department and across a facility.” writes Lisa Waldowski, DNP, RN, CIC in her article published in Infection Control Today in July.

Evidence-based national guidelines and standards minimally require traceability for semi-critical and critical devices that undergo HLD or sterilization. Traceability allows facilities to demonstrate they have met their standard of quality and safe care for their patients during accreditation or regulatory surveys, and can also support patient safety by helping identify potential areas that require staff retraining or improvement.

Lisa Waldowski walks through some of these points and illustrates an example scenario requiring trace back to determine whether a probe was properly disinfected before patient use.

TJC quality and safety update reveals key compliance gaps in ultrasound probe reprocessing