“How to ensure effective ultrasound probe disinfection that makes compliance easy”

Thank you from the Nanosonics team

for visiting our booth at APIC 2016 and registering or attending the educational symposium sponsored by Nanosonics.

We are delighted that the feedback from our symposium was overwhelmingly positive. To assist you with infection prevention, we would like to share with you the educational resources from the event. Speakers at the symposium shared their experiences of the challenges associated with ultrasound reprocessing and provided practical advice which you can apply to ensure your facility uses effective disinfection processes and meets guidelines and accreditation requirements.

Infection prevention in ultrasound

Ultrasound procedures are performed daily throughout the health system in diverse settings. This presents a range of challenges for infection prevention, including:

  • Mitigating the cross infection risks associated with the use of ultrasound probes
  • Complying with ultrasound probe disinfection guidelines and meeting accreditation requirements.

Ensuring disinfection efficacy and compliance

But it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple principles and actions you can apply to ensure your facility uses effective and compliant disinfection processes.

Two highly regarded speakers will share their expertise in the form of practical, easy to follow information.

You will explore the different sonography applications across the various hospital departments and the associated risks of infection.

You will also learn how to use appropriate ultrasound probe disinfection procedures to help ensure staff and patient safety while enabling you to meet accreditation requirements


Marcia Patrick

RN, MSN, CIC, Infection Prevention Consultant and AAAHC Surveyor, Tacoma, WA

High level disinfection in ultrasound

Robert DeJong

RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FSDMS, FAIUM, Radiology Technical Manager

High level disinfection of ultrasound probes

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