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Have complete confidence with trophon’s probe compatibility

Checking probe compatibility prior to purchasing a disinfection system is an important first step in selecting a disinfection system.

Nanosonics carries out extensive probe compatibility testing in conjunction with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Ultrasound probe manufacturers mandate that their probes need to be validated to ensure the disinfection system used is compatible with their probe materials. Following the Nanosonics validation process, the manufacturers provide a letter of validation stating that trophon is compatible with their probes.

trophon is compatible with more than 1,000 probe models from all major and many smaller ultrasound probe manufacturers.

What’s more, trophon’s sonicated disinfection mist reduces exposure to the harsh traditionally used chemicals and UV-C light that can potentially damage probe materials. Compatibility with trophon ensures high level disinfection while preserving the life of your valuable ultrasound probes.

“The chemicals [in the previous soak process] were creating a separation between layers of the transducer, causing air to be introduced. This resulted in artifacts and degraded images. I have not had to replace a transducer for these issues since the switch to the trophon EPR. The reduced time waiting for the transducer to be ready has been a major plus.”Robert De Jong Jr., RDMS, RDCS, RVT, Radiology Technical Manager, Ultrasound, The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHM), Baltimore, MA, USA


Probe compatibility validation process

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 Global probe validation list