Physicians for Women: Melius, Schurr & Cardwell

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Time savings and workflow efficiency with trophon®2 device

About the Facility

Physicians for Women is a private practice OBGYN clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. They use ultrasound for transvaginal procedures.

Staff insisted on the trophon2 device

As new staff joined the clinic, they had used the trophon devices at other facilities, and insisted on implementing trophon technology at the clinic rather than using soaking methods for infection control. The facility purchased a trophon® EPR in 2019, and then rented a new trophon®2 device. Through the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway sweepstakes campaign, the clinic won a new trophon2 device.

“Not only is the trophon2 device a game changer for my workflow in a busy Ob/Gyn clinic, it also makes me happy that my patients are protected from the possibility of a cross-contamination. Thank you Nanosonics!”
Stephanie Wanninger, RDMS


The facility has seen a drastic reduction in time spent reprocessing probes to have them ready for the next patients. This time savings is critical for a small facility, taking the burden of infection control off busy staff and into an automated, standardized process.

“The trophon device has been a wonderful addition to the ultrasound room as it’s reduced the time we need to reprocess equipment while giving us the peace of mind that our equipment will be properly disinfected and ready for each new patient.”
Tia Bowen
Clinic Manager