Sabetha Community Hospital

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Time savings and workflow efficiency with trophon®2 device

About the Facility

Sabetha Community Hospital is a small, 25-bed facility in Sabetha, Kansas. It offers acute care, and a broad range of outpatient services, including women’s health and OBGYN.

From soaking to the trophon®2 device

Sabetha Community Hospital won a trophon2 prize package as part of the 2020 IIPW trophon2 giveback giveaway campaign. Prior to utilizing the trophon2, staff reprocessed ultrasound probes through manual soaking, and wiping. 

Time savings and workflow efficiency

The team at SCH was so impressed with the time savings the trophon2 device offered to their workflows. Implementing trophon2 device for their infection control enables them to spend more time with patients, and less time reprocessing ultrasound probes in between.

“I am loving the trophon2 device and it has improved my daily workflow tremendously! For our facility, the cleaning and disinfecting process has decreased in time from 30 minutes to 7 minutes. How amazing! Another excellent feature is the automatic daily warm up setting. I love having the trophon2 device up and running when I am ready to use it! Nanosonics has made the disinfection process seamless, and I have nothing but positive comments about our new trophon2 device! Thank you so much!”
Melissa Love, RT(R), RVT, RDMS (AB, OB/Gyn, PS, BR), RDCS


The facility has seen a drastic reduction in time spent reprocessing probes to have them ready for the next patients. This time savings is critical for a small facility, taking the burden of infection control off busy staff and into an automated, standardized process.