Introducing Nanosonics AuditPro™

Infection control workflow compliance management

Every data point, on every probe, for every procedure and every patient.


Nanosonics AuditPro standardizes your ultrasound infection prevention practices, helps you meet accreditation requirements and delivers best practice patient care across your organization.

Nanosonics AuditPro is an automated and secure digital system that:

  • Combines clinician infection prevention decision making, with
  • The trophon®2 device infection control workflow data, and
  • patient procedure information.

Sophisticated software presents this data in information-rich dashboards, survey-ready compliance reports and risk notifications. This provides you with real-time intelligence on ultrasound probes, operators, and infection control events to manage infection prevention practices across your organization.

Standardizing ultrasound infection prevention compliance across your entire organization has never been easier with Nanosonics AuditPro.

Nanosonics AuditPro standardizes ultrasound infection control compliance practices to improve risk management and quality control, delivering best practice.

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Nanosonics AuditPro streamlines your organization’s compliance with National standards and evidence-based guidelines. It provides you with real-time risk notifications for easy course-correction and survey-ready ultrasound infection prevention compliance reports.

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Nanosonics AuditPro uniquely sits with the ultrasound console at point of use, educating the user and enabling consistent infection prevention considerations, as part of every day clinical care.

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Nanosonics AuditPro supports optimal patient care across your organization by standardizing best practice infection control decisions and managing staff compliance to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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The Nanosonics AuditPro system includes:

  • Mobile Scanning Device and Docking Station
  • Workflow compliance mobile application
  • Compliance reporting and dashboard application

Mobile Scanning Device and Docking Station

A Healthcare-grade mobile scanning device and docking station incorporating radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and 3D scanner.

Workflow Compliance Mobile Application

The Mobile Scanning Device is loaded with the Nanosonics AuditPro mobile application that standardizes and incorporates infection prevention compliance as part of the clinical workflow.

Reporting and dashboard application

A software subscription to a secure application provides real-time data, information-rich dashboards, asset intelligence, and survey-ready reports linking reprocessing cycles with individual patient procedures.

The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2 which share the same core technology of 'sonically activated' hydrogen peroxide.

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